Lounger Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture Jepara Purchasing Guide

Sometimes, after a long day, what we want to do is just relaxing on a lounger. Fortunately, Indonesia has lots of outdoor teak wood furniture Jepara including teak wooden lounger that’s not only perfect for your exterior but also give you cozy place to relax. The teak wooden loungers are made by so many manufacturers in Indonesia. How are you going to purchase the best one?

When looking for teak wood loungers, the manufacturers are going to show you loungers from teak woods in assorted grades. Which one between Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C is the best one? That’s why you must first learn about teak wood grades. So, you will know which lounger is the right one for your garden.

The Grades of Teak Wood Lounger

  • Grade A

Grade A furniture is made of teak timber’s heartwood section that’s mature. This kind of teak wood lounger has uniform color in warm honey, oily touch, and close wood grain. Besides, lounger made of Grade A teakwood contains lots of protective oils and is very dense. Unlike Burmese’s teakwood Grade A that contains straight wood grain, Indonesian teak has unique curvy wood grain.

  • Grade B

Teak wood lounger made of Grade B teakwood is actually made from the outer heartwood that’s semi-mature. Compared to previous grade, this one has duller color that’s lighter. Besides, the Grade B teakwood comes with uneven grain that will be a little bit shinier when it has been sanded. Outdoor teak wood furniture Jepara in Grade B is not so oily compared to Grade A teak wood.

  • Grade C

Grade C teakwood lounger is made of the outer sections’ sapwood of teak logs. The sapwood is actually teak tree’s living sections. Teak tree is using the sapwood to transport minerals and water to teak tree’s crown. This part actually is way softer compared to heartwood. Unfortunately, this part of tree can be damaged easily. Price of teakwood lounger in this grade is cheaper than others.

Assorted Lounger Teak Wood from The Right Manufacturer

  • Kuta Lounger

When looking for lounger, consider having the Kuta lounger that the dimension is 198 cm x 65 cm x 38 cm and comes in fine sanding finishing.

  • Hawaii Lounger

This unique lounger usually is made of mixed materials between teak wood and another material. Dimension of this lounger is 206 cm x 65 cm x 38 cm.

  • Parangtritis Lounger

Nusantarajati.com has this unique lounge that comes with the armrest so that you can totally enjoy your relaxation.

  • Marina Steamer

Another excellent lounger to choose is the Marina Steamer that the dimension is just 166 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm.

  • Bali Lounger

Bali Lounger looks like the simplest one between the other loungers above. However, this lounger can be made of Grade A wood and Grade C wood. Pick one that matches the condition of your family.

Unlike other manufacturers of outdoor teak wood furniture Jepara, nusantarajati.com lets you know which teakwood is used to make the lounger. If you’re capable to get the Grade A furniture, it would be awesome. But if you cannot get the Grade A, Grade C lounger is cheap enough for your exterior.

Accredited Teak Furniture Manufacture in Jepara

So, there’s a regency in Central Java called Jepara. It is where lots of furniture are manufactured. A bunch of furniture manufacture in Jepara promises that the products they sell are totally amazing. But if you need outdoor furniture made of woods in excellent quality, you won’t buy any furniture without checking the quality.

In order to get an excellent quality wooden furniture, there are some things you have to learn and remember when looking for new teak furniture from Jepara. Make sure you know what to do before purchasing teak wood furniture so no seller will be able to fool you. Here is something that can help.

Construction Details of Quality Teak Furniture

Some manufacturers make their outdoor teak chairs in several weeks. But the others are able to make same shaped outdoor chair from teakwood only in a week. What’s the difference? Yep, the construction details. To make teak furniture in excellent quality, good manufacturers must be sure that the wood has been properly dried. Besides, teak wood must have great construction.

Teak wood must be properly dried inside kiln. Standard oven for kiln dry is going to take two weeks so that the teak wood can be dry properly. Longer drying inside kiln needs more time if teak wood plank is really thick. What about the teak wooden chair that will be ready in a week? Well, the chair is being processed by using the timber that’s freshly sawn.

The best furniture manufacture in Jepara is the one that doesn’t use timber that’s freshly sawn. No matter how excellent the teak wood’s quality is, if it isn’t being dried properly, it will be useless.

Choosing Trusted Manufacturer of Teakwood Furniture

Humidity outside is going to cause many damages like color fading, bending, cracks, moldy, or the other results you don’t like. Though those damages won’t always happen, it is better to avoid gambling and choose the right outdoor furniture from an accredited manufacturer.

Avoid purchasing teakwood chairs from manufacturer that’s providing teakwood furniture in short time. They probably build the teakwood furniture by using screw and glue everywhere. The process might be fast, but will they remain strong for years?

Always ask the manufacturers about the technique used in making the chairs you desire. If you’re not sure where to get the best teak wood outdoor furniture, consider purchasing from nusantarajati.com. They have:

  • Miami Adirondack

It is a unique relaxing chair made of teakwood that’s perfect for your outdoor activity. It comes in two parts that you can join. Join both parts if you need to relax during the summer. And remove the lower part if you need to sit with your fellows.

  • Peanut high chair and bar stools

They also have high chairs and bar stools for those who have a mini bar next to the pool in their backyard. Those wooden high chairs are going to enhance the natural beauty of your backyard.

Besides, this furniture manufacture in Jepara also has so many other teakwood chairs you can choose for your exterior. Check out what chairs they provide by visiting the ‘Chair’ tab on the website.

Various Quality Benches from Trusted Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer

So many materials are available to make great outdoor furniture. But most houses in Indonesia have teak furniture inside and outside the building. What makes this material so special? How can you get the right teak furniture for your exterior? Which Indonesian furniture manufacture is the best one to get teak furniture? All of those questions will be answered here.

Reasons to Consider Teak Furniture

There are some reasons why teak furniture is highly recommended and preferred by Indonesian family.

  • Awesome durability and strength

Teak wood contains natural oil in high level. The oil makes teak wood able to protect the woods from insects that love eating woods and from rotting.

  • Water resistant

Besides, teak wood is also water resistant. No wonder that it is not only used to build furniture, but also used as shipbuilding materials by Indonesian ancestors. Water resistant properties of teak wood allow this wood to be excellent material for outdoor furniture.

Even though teak wood is an incredible furniture material to beautify your exterior, you must understand how to get the quality ones. Don’t let bad sellers influence you to get bad quality teak bench that won’t last. If you’re looking for high quality teak bench, check out some tips down here.

Quality Indonesian Teak Garden Bench

Thousands of Indonesian furniture manufacture offer beautiful teak benches like round tree teak bench, hexagonal tree wooden bench, Marlboro teak bench, classic teak bench, and many more options. But before purchasing one, make sure you check these out first.

  • Look for teakwood from tree with big diameter

Teak wood furniture that’s made of tree with big diameter will grow on great quality soil is the best one. Wood grain tightness is going to let you know where the tree grew. Tight wood grain is from old and big teak trees grow on lime soil that’s so good. But wide wood grains belong to teak trees that grow on soil that’s extra fertile.

  • Check the natural defects

If there is one wood knot that’s small on the teak bench you desire, it is still normal. Do not get teak bench that has big knots since the bench will crack eventually. You don’t want to see when it happens. Patches are also not tolerable unless you are interested to get reclaimed wood furniture for your exterior. So many patches on teak furniture show that the furniture has low quality.

Beautiful Teak Benches for Your Garden

So, when you’re looking for teak wooden benches to complete the beauty of your garden, check the benches’ quality you see before purchasing ones on nusantarajati.com. There are various benches that meet the need of your garden, like the:

  • Broadway teak banana bench

That’s made of teak wood and is available in two grades: A and C. The finishing applied to this bench is fine sanding. This 150 cm x 55 cm x 88 cm teak bench is going to add extra beauty to your adorable garden.

  • Round tree bench

If you have a tree in the middle of your garden, the trusted Indonesian furniture manufacture here has round tree bench that the diameter is about 160 cm. This s going to support the wonderful look of your big tree.

Which teak bench is going to match your beautiful garden?