Lounger Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture Jepara Purchasing Guide

Sometimes, after a long day, what we want to do is just relaxing on a lounger. Fortunately, Indonesia has lots of outdoor teak wood furniture Jepara including teak wooden lounger that’s not only perfect for your exterior but also give you cozy place to relax. The teak wooden loungers are made by so many manufacturers in Indonesia. How are you going to purchase the best one?

When looking for teak wood loungers, the manufacturers are going to show you loungers from teak woods in assorted grades. Which one between Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C is the best one? That’s why you must first learn about teak wood grades. So, you will know which lounger is the right one for your garden.

The Grades of Teak Wood Lounger

  • Grade A

Grade A furniture is made of teak timber’s heartwood section that’s mature. This kind of teak wood lounger has uniform color in warm honey, oily touch, and close wood grain. Besides, lounger made of Grade A teakwood contains lots of protective oils and is very dense. Unlike Burmese’s teakwood Grade A that contains straight wood grain, Indonesian teak has unique curvy wood grain.

  • Grade B

Teak wood lounger made of Grade B teakwood is actually made from the outer heartwood that’s semi-mature. Compared to previous grade, this one has duller color that’s lighter. Besides, the Grade B teakwood comes with uneven grain that will be a little bit shinier when it has been sanded. Outdoor teak wood furniture Jepara in Grade B is not so oily compared to Grade A teak wood.

  • Grade C

Grade C teakwood lounger is made of the outer sections’ sapwood of teak logs. The sapwood is actually teak tree’s living sections. Teak tree is using the sapwood to transport minerals and water to teak tree’s crown. This part actually is way softer compared to heartwood. Unfortunately, this part of tree can be damaged easily. Price of teakwood lounger in this grade is cheaper than others.

Assorted Lounger Teak Wood from The Right Manufacturer

  • Kuta Lounger

When looking for lounger, consider having the Kuta lounger that the dimension is 198 cm x 65 cm x 38 cm and comes in fine sanding finishing.

  • Hawaii Lounger

This unique lounger usually is made of mixed materials between teak wood and another material. Dimension of this lounger is 206 cm x 65 cm x 38 cm.

  • Parangtritis Lounger

Nusantarajati.com has this unique lounge that comes with the armrest so that you can totally enjoy your relaxation.

  • Marina Steamer

Another excellent lounger to choose is the Marina Steamer that the dimension is just 166 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm.

  • Bali Lounger

Bali Lounger looks like the simplest one between the other loungers above. However, this lounger can be made of Grade A wood and Grade C wood. Pick one that matches the condition of your family.

Unlike other manufacturers of outdoor teak wood furniture Jepara, nusantarajati.com lets you know which teakwood is used to make the lounger. If you’re capable to get the Grade A furniture, it would be awesome. But if you cannot get the Grade A, Grade C lounger is cheap enough for your exterior.

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